Interesting projects

Interesting projects:

  • Creation of a new and unique product (service) and its communication strategy. It was created within extremely short period of time. This unique and sophisticated product outran its competitors in Lithuania and abroad. The product was awarded with the gold medal in the competition “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2011”;
  • Creation and implementation of a successful marketing and communication strategy for a company, initiatives of which were evaluated in a National Responsible Business Awards, initiated by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of Lithuania in 2010. The concept was also nominated in “Swedish Business Awards” in 2010;
  • Creation and implementation of a successful sales strategy for one of the biggest entertainment complexes in Lithuania, which consists of night clubs, restaurants, bars, hotel, taxi and casino;
  • Organization and execution of one of the most exclusive and the largest traditional corporative events in Lithuania. Guests were the most honorable Lithuanian elite representatives;
  • Creation of advertising strategy and national promotion of European and World championship sports qualifiers.  Even though the task was to promote quite an unpopular sport in Lithuania, the advertising strategy ensured the unprecedented, successful sales of the tickets;
  • Creation of an exceptional corporate gift. The gift  (special sweets in extraordinary boxes) was produced in cooperation with the largest Lithuanian chocolate factory and a well-known Lithuanian painter. Not only the design of the gift, but the communication message and the introduction strategy were created;
  • Company’s rebranding. The aim of the rebranding was to recommence the existing company’s image in order to modernize and strengthen its visibility, and increase compatibility with the present situation and services.

Tasks, which were implemented in the projects:

  • Company’s rebranding;
  • Creation of representative elements of the product/service;
  • Creation of the creative product’s packaging;
  • Creation and implementation of a network for a successful service throughout Lithuania;
  • Presentation of a new product/service in a Lithuanian market;
  • Management of advertising and public relations campaigns;
  • Organizing representative events abroad;
  • Creation of many original and comprehensive websites;
  • Management of the release of the new phone applications;
  • Management and implementation of social media tools;
  • Organization of large press conferences;
  • Corporate and entertainment event management;
  • Settlement of collaboration agreements with partners;
  • Creation and introduction of loyalty programs and special deals for users;
  • Effective management of internal and external communication;
  • Management of corporate social responsibility projects;
  • Creation of special yearlong project, dedicated to company’s key values;
  • Creation of a concept, which expressed social awareness and responsibility for environmental and social impact through various support projects;
  • Implementation of the initiatives, supporting the essential concept idea;
  • Improvement of company’s working environment and internal communication;
  • Improvement of company’s socialization with the surrounding environment;
  • Execution of the initiatives to support self-training, knowledge growth and improvement of skills of the employees;
  • Execution of the city decoration projects;
  • Coordination of company’s participation in charity projects;
  • Organization of internal events, competitions, knowledge and experience sharing;
  • Initiatives encouraging healthy lifestyle.


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