About Princely Idea

Who we are

PRINCELY IDEA is all about marketing and public relations for both public and private companies.

Our main aspiration is to reveal how important and significant creativity is. Well done marketing communication leads to successful business development, strengthens the name of the company, translates better the values and the core competencies, increases sales and improves relationship inside and outside Your Company.

Instead of the old-school competition methods, we encourage our clients to look together for new solutions, think out of the box and create a different perspective. We stand for finding a new way how to remain or become a leader.

Princely Idea is the place where the experts of various fields meet: marketing and sales gurus, journalists and public relations specialists, copywriters and art representatives, web programmers and application creators, product experts and developers, customer services specialists and event organisers.

We believe in exclusive approach, which is introduced and emphasized by the exceptional designs and creative presentations before we even start our mutual collaboration. The team of “Princely Idea” is also assembled in regard to Your specific needs, taking into account every detail, expectation and requirement. This is the principle, which “Princely Idea” builds any project on: to discover, to innovate and to surprise! Every project we step into is met with competence, sharp intuition and non-negotiable precision.

What we do

Exceptional, inventive and creative solutions in the areas of:

  • Public relations;
  • Branding, brand building, rebranding;
  • New product or brand launching;
  • Events and promotions;
  • Internal and external (B2B and B2C) corporate communication;
  • Social responsibility and sustainability projects;
  • Big scale sport events management, marketing and communication
  • Public events organization and communication
  • Powerful and driven Idea Factory

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